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European organization for sustainable development

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Sustainable development of lands areas

The objectives of our organization are : The rational management of natural and economic resources in order to satisfy the basic needs as well as perpetuating the development that meets the essential needs of human communities of our days without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their requirements. It's the conservation of a general delicate balance which includes several processes, including the consideration of the environment, prevention of resource depletion, the assurance of healthy nutrition, of social welfare, of access to water, to energy, to education, to employment, to culture, to health, to medical care, to social services, together with the constant improvement of quality of life with a more intelligent consumption, with a reduced production of waste, with a reduction of energy use and optimization of production. Without forgetting the preservation of natural resources, universal wonders, as well as the respect for both individual and collective rights and freedoms. Sustainable development means living in harmony in one's universe to evolve towards the future with serenity. It's a dream that we must implement to be able to make it come true.

Investing for the Future with Vzone association

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European organization for sustainable development

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